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Ūdens padeves pārtraukums


Dobeles pilsētā 28.maijā

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Ūdensvada Avārija


pārtraukta ūdens padeve Gardenes ielā, Gardenes ciemā.

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Address: Noliktavas iela 5, Dobeles novads, Dobele, Latvija, LV-3701

About Us

LTD “DOBELES ŪDENS” is a municipality established corporation that provides Dobele’s  citizens, institutions and businesses with centralized water supply and sewerage services. Based on the LTD “DOBELES ŪDENS”, Dobele’s municipality concluded a contract stating that we are the only water supplier and sewerage service provider in Dobele’s district territory till 2020. The company’s main activity is waterpurification and supply, as well as waste water collection and purification. Also company offers sewer and public infrastructure maintenance, and other SERVICES.

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